Deliverable No.Deliverable NameAbstract
D6.1Project HandbookThis handbook details management bodies, documents, and procedures which are described in
the Project, Grant Agreement and Consortium Agreement. It also includes the Quality Plan to be
followed by the project to ensure timely delivery of all results to the European Commission.
D1.1Business Model DesignThis deliverable represents the first outcome of WP1 of 5Growth, as a result of the activities performed in Task 1.1. This document gathers the initial analysis of the vertical services for 5Growth pilots to identify their business, functional and technical requirements, and offers an introduction to
the business models that will have to be validated in 5Growth.
D3.1ICT-17 facilities Gap analysisThe basic needs, performance requirements and constrains expressed by 5Growth Vertical partners
in relation to the Use Cases they are planning to validate along 5Growth project are collected and
summarized in a uniform way.
With the goal of meeting those requirements a set of specific technology and architectural solutions
are sketched and proposed, and the potential role that ICT-17 platforms may play for within those
solutions is also studied for each of the use cases and selected locations.
The feasibility of such proposals is assessed and the main gap areas to be addressed in 5Growth
project are identified. Besides that, a first study and outlook into the further analysis to be performed
at project level on the feasible integration models of 5Growth with the selected ICT-17 platforms
under consideration is also captured in this report.
D2.1Initial design of 5G End-to-End Service PlatformThe main goal of 5Growth is to validate the ability of core 5G technologies to accommodate
multiple advanced vertical services over common infrastructure and, importantly, to extend
baseline 5G platforms and architecture proposals with innovations that fill the gaps towards
meeting the requirements of the vertical use cases described in WP1.
This document summarizes a gap analysis over such 5G state-of-the-art baseline platforms
undertaken within the project, with particular focus on 5G-TRANSFORMER, and a list of concrete
innovations that are being (will be) designed and implemented during the scope of 5Growth
project, which will contribute to meet the stringent requirements of 5Growth vertical use cases.
D5.1Initial Communication,
Dissemination, and Exploitation Plan (CoDEP) draft including Standardization roadmap
This deliverable presents the communication, dissemination, and exploitation plan (CoDEP) of
5Growth. The list of activities under each part of the plan is provided as well as the targeted metrics.
Standardization deserves substantial attention in this document, in which the initial standardization
roadmap is introduced, including the identification of relevant standard development organizations
and relevant open source projects. It also reflects the involvement of verticals in standardization and
in the CoDEP as a whole. Early achievements in some of the activities are also listed.