Best Fast Track Paper Award in IEEE NFV-SDN 2020

Best Fast Track Paper Award in IEEE NFV-SDN 2020

The research paper “On the Integration of AI/ML-based scaling operations in the 5Growth platform” resulting from the collaboration of multiple 5Growth partners has received the best Fast Track paper Award in the IEEE Conference on Network Function Virtualization and Software Defined Networks (IEEE NFV-SDN’20).

This paper presents the detailed architecture and first prototype of the 5Growth platform taking AI/ML-based network service autoscaling decisions to enforce the autonomous and automated assurance of vertical service level agreements. This also includes the introduction of modifications in the ETSI network service descriptors templates for requesting AI/ML-based decisions for orchestration problems and the integration of a data engineering pipeline for real-time data gathering and model execution within the Service Orchestrator module of the 5Growth architecture. One interesting point of the proposed data engineering pipeline is that is based on open-source tools. This prototype has been evaluated in a real experimental infrastructure and the performed evaluation shows that AI/ML-related service handling operations are well below instantiation/termination lifecycle management procedures and that online classification can be performed in the order of hundreds of milliseconds.


About the conference

Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) and Software Defined Networks (SDN) are an accepted evolution in all areas of network concepts and technologies. They are dramatically transforming telecommunication networks, campus, enterprise and data center networks, and accelerating the introduction of technologies and applications, which enable programmatic control of networks. Currently, NFV and SDN are in the transition phase from development and trials to full-scale deployments.

Significant enablers for rapid adoption are the shifts towards open source software and hardware development, the convergence of IT and telco tools and technologies, and alignment of operational processes. Integration of the latest research in software technologies, algorithms, hardware design, etc., driven by competition for adoption of the best ideas is helping to drive global acceptance of NFV and SDN.

The 2020 IEEE NFV-SDN conference is an important forum for the ongoing exchange of the latest ideas, developments and results amongst ecosystem partners in both academia and industry. The conference fosters knowledge sharing and discussion on new approaches as well as work addressing gaps and improvements in NFV and SDN enabled architectures, algorithms and operational frameworks for virtualized network functions and infrastructures.

Further information can be found in their website, available here.

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