“Beyond 5G Evolution” Presentation Slides and Results

“Beyond 5G Evolution” Presentation Slides and Results

On Thursday, 19th November 2020, MDPI and Electronics organized the second webinar on Electronics, entitled: “Beyond 5G Evolution”.
The introduction was held by the chair of the webinar, Prof. Dr. Carlos J. Bernardos, who is an associate professor at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. His presentation can be found here.

Dr. Ömer B. held the first presentation, entitled “Role of 5GPPP Architecture WG toward B5G/6G System”. Dr. Ömer Bulakci is currently a senior research engineer at Nokia Bell Labs, Munich, Germany, and vice-chairman of the 5GPPP Architecture Working Group. Link to presentation slides here.

The second presentation with the title “On the path to 6G: Target Capabilities and Technology Trends” was held by Dr. Alain Mourad. He is currently a director of engineering R&D at InterDigital, Inc. Labs in London leading research and innovation for 5G and beyond radio access networks. Link to presentation here.

The third speaker was Dr. Josep Mangues, who is a senior researcher and the head of the communication networks division of the Telecommunications Technological Center of Catalunya (CTTC). His presentation was entitled: “Network architectures for 5G and beyond”.

The whole sesion was recorded, and recently the video has been published in Youtube, which can be foud through this link or it is also available in our video gallery.

There were a total of 90 approved registrants, 46 of which attended live, coming from 18 different countries.

Big thanks to everyone involved in the making of this webinar, speakers and attendees.


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