5Growth Pilot and Innovation videos available

5Growth Pilot and Innovation videos available

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💁🏻‍♀️ In the 5Growth project, multiple use cases of diverse vertical industries (Industry 4.0 🏭, Energy 💡, and Transportation🚊) are currently being field-trialed on four vertical-owned sites in close collaboration with the vendors, high-tech SMEs, and academic partners. The 5Growth project generated multiple videos to explain the work on pilots and related innovations:

🔵 Pilot videos:
🔹 COMAU industry 4.0 pilot. The digital twin use case allows the plant manager to receive live information of the production line through a digital representation of the🏭. https://youtu.be/rY6ZH75agOk

🔹 INNOVALIA industry 4.0 pilot. The Connected Worker Remote Operation of Quality Equipment use case explores how 5G technologies can be used to enable remote access to the M3BOX, an edge device used to control the Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), to perform setup and configuration operations. https://youtu.be/EBLm0l32iTQ

🔹 EFACEC Energia’s energy pilot. The Advanced Monitoring and Maintenance Support for Secondary Substations MV/LV Distribution Substation use case helps maintenance teams in repairing substations by providing access to operational information remotely. https://youtu.be/JcLEF3T5nLg

🔹 EFACEC Engenharia e Sistemas transportation pilot. This pilot replaces the wired communication used in railway level crossings by 5G-based wireless devices for two use cases: the Safety Critical Communications use case focuses on railway signaling operations and the Non-Safety Critical Communications use case provides additional information to reinforce the security and to avoid accidents at Level Crossing area. https://youtu.be/XP7E_txgmzY

🔵 5Growth innovations on AIML-based closed-loop control, multi-domain interaction, and RAN in network slices are also being studied within the 5Growth:
🔹 ‘ML-driven Scaling of Digital Twin Service in 5Growth’ presents automated scaling through the integration of the 5Growth management and orchestration stack with an AIML platform, a monitoring platform, and a data engineering pipeline. https://youtu.be/K5GyrAD7h_Q (long version) and https://youtu.be/7V3AKSrWzzY  (short version).

🔹 ‘Performance Isolation for 5G Network Slicing’ presents bandwidth and delay isolation guarantees as part of network slice provisioning on top of SDN transport networks. https://youtu.be/DSGHUBFuvYs

The above videos reflect some of the results of the project after 18 months of work. Stay tuned for more videos of 5Growth pilots and innovations and for the final results of the project in February 2022, including open-source code (https://github.com/5growth).

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