🗣 5G PPP Phase 3 projects brochure 📄

The 5G PPP Phase 3 projects brochure is now online, you can find it here. 5GROWTH appears on page 20, under the section “Advanced Validation Trials Across Multiple Vertical Industries”, give it a look! 👏🏼 It is also virtually distributed at the EuCNC.   Hits: 17

5GROWTH Demonstration Schedule at EuCNC 2021

🤗👥 This year, 5GROWTH project is presenting seven different demonstrations of our pilots and innovations during EUCNC. Don’t hesitate to visit our booth in case you are interested‼️ This is the schedule for the event:   Wednesday, June 9   🕑09:30-12:30: 5Growth Pilot. EFACEC Energia’s energy pilot. The Advanced Monitoring and Maintenance Support for Secondary…
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Vote for Best Booth Award at EuCNC 2021!

🤗 2021 Joint EuCNC & 6G Summit | Exhibition 👏🏼 If you are registered to EuCNC, please consider passing by our virtual booth and voting it for the best booth award 🥇 Despite the busy schedules, the virtual conference website is absolutely great! And the way they have organized the different topics is really neat.…
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Contributions adopted by the IETF

🗞 PROJECT NEWS: Two contributions have been recently adopted by the IETF: 🔗 🔗 The need of OAM mechanisms for deterministic or quasi-deterministic (reliable and available) operation in wired (detnet document) and wireless (raw document) networks, links these contributions to 5GROWTH project. This is particularly relevant to the Industry 4.0, but also to the…
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5G European Annual Journal 2021

European Annual Journal 2021 Source: 5GPPP The sixth issue of the European 5G Annual Journal was released at the end of May 2021. Download the Journal  here. This year’s edition includes contributions from 52 active projects and information on 5G PPP and 5G IA key activities and achievements. 5Growth is described on page 50 – 52.…
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(English) 🎖️ 5GROWTH wins the Madri+d Award for Participation in Europe 🎖️

“This award is a recognition of the work we are doing, which is not usually a very rewarding job”.   On the 30th of April, the 5GROWTH project won the Madri+d Prize for Participation in Europe at the 13th edition of the awards.   What does the winning initiative consist of? Carlos Jesús Bernardos: The…
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(ESP) 🎖️ 5GROWTH obtiene el Premio Madri+d a la Participación en Europa 🎖️

Source: madrid+d “Este premio es un reconocimiento a la labor que estamos haciendo, que no suele ser un trabajo muy agradecido”   El pasado 30 de abril, el proyecto 5GROWTH se alzó con el Premio madri+d a la Participación en Europa en la XIII edición de los galardones   ¿En qué consiste la iniciativa galardonada?…
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5Growth Pilot and Innovation videos available

Source: 💁🏻‍♀️ In the 5Growth project, multiple use cases of diverse vertical industries (Industry 4.0 🏭, Energy 💡, and Transportation🚊) are currently being field-trialed on four vertical-owned sites in close collaboration with the vendors, high-tech SMEs, and academic partners. The 5Growth project generated multiple videos to explain the work on pilots and related innovations:…
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5G PPP and 5G IA’s White Paper: “Edge Computing for 5G Networks”

The 5G PPP Initiative and the 5G IA are happy to present a new white paper entitled “Edge Computing for 5G Networks”. This white paper provides: a) a brief introduction to the Edge computing concept, b) an exhaustive technology review focusing on virtualisation, orchestration, network control, and operational frameworks, c) a discussion about the role…
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Source: 5G PPP The 5G Infrastructure Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Programme and its related funded projects are achieving outstanding progress and impact over the three consecutive phases (specification, development, experimentation/pilots), as regularly highlighted in the PPP Programme and projects websites and news. The 5G PPP is proud to announce that the second edition of the 5G PPP…
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