# Date Demo, Partners Involved Event
9 Dec. 2020 “Autonomous Network Slice Management for 5G Vertical Services”. Joint with 5G-EVE, 5G-TOURS. NXW ETSI ENI PoC#9
8 Oct. 2020 “Demo: Scaling Composite NFV-Network Services”. CTTC ACM MobiHoc 2020
7 Jul. 2020 “vrAIn: AI-driven orchestration of vRAN resources”. NEC, UC3M Online Webinar Layer123/5Growth
6 Jul. 2020 “NFV Service Federation: enabling Multi-Provider eHealth Emergency Services”. CTTC, UC3M, Mirantis, NXW, NEC, TEI, SSSA INFOCOM’20
5 Jul. 2020 “Arbitrating Network Services in 5GNetworks for Automotive Vertical Industry.” CTTC, Polito, NXW, SSSA INFOCOM’20
4 Jun. 2020 “vrAIn: AI-driven orchestration of vRAN resources”. NEC, UC3M 5G End-to-end experimentation by verticals in EU projects Workshop
3 May 2020 “A Deep Learning Approach for vRAN Resource Orchestration”. Andrés García-Saavedra (NEC) 5GPPP TB eWorkshop (Session on Use of AI & ML in networks – Part 1)
2 Mar. 2020 “Remote Control of a Robot Rover Combining 5G, AI, and GPU Image Processing at the Edge”. SSSA, TIM: F. Civerchia, F. Giannone, K. Kondepu, P. Castoldi, L. Valcarenghi, A. Bragagnini, F. Gatti, A. Napolitano OFC 2020
1 Oct. 2019 “Demo: vrAIn Proof-of-Concept — A Deep Learning Approach for Virtualized RAN Resource Control”. Andrés Saavedra (NEC) ACM Mobicom 2019

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