# Date Demo, Partners Involved Event
1 Feb. 2022 Log parsing demo at CTTC booth. CTTC MWC 2022
2 Jan. 2022 Demo: Nuberu — A Reliable DU Design Suitable for Virtualization Platforms. NEC Mobicom’21
3 Jul. 2021 Log Management in NFV Service Orchestration. CTTC IEEE SECON’21
4 Jul. 2021 Deploying Hybrid Network Services: Mixing VNFs and CNFs in Multi-site Infrastructures. CTTC IEEE SECON’21
5 Jun. 2021 Zero Defect Manufacturing with Edge Computing and 5G Connectivity. IDCC MWC’21
6 Jun. 2021 5Growth Innovation. ‘Moving Target Defense’. 5Growth Consortium EUCNC’21
7 Jun. 2021 5Growth Innovation. ‘Performance Isolation for 5G Network Slicing’. 5Growth Consortium EUCNC’21
8 Jun. 2021 5Growth Innovation. ‘ML-driven Scaling of Digital Twin Service in 5Growth’. 5Growth Consortium EUCNC’21
9 Jun. 2021 5Growth Pilot. INNOVALIA industry 4.0 pilot. 5Growth Consortium EUCNC’21
10 Jun. 2021 5Growth Pilot. COMAU industry 4.0 pilot. 5Growth Consortium EUCNC’21
11 Jun. 2021 5Growth Pilot. EFACEC Engenharia e Sistemas transportation pilot. 5Growth Consortium EUCNC’21
12 Jun. 2021 5Growth Pilot. EFACEC Energia’s energy pilot. 5Growth Consortium EUCNC’21
13 Jun. 2021 M3 SMART CYBER PHYSICAL METROLOGY 4.0 SYSTEM has been selected as 2021 Advanced Factory Finalist for Best industrial equipment for the factory of the future. INNO Advanced Factories 2021
14 Jun. 2021 Slice Isolation for 5G Transport Networks. NBL, TELCARIA, SSSA, TEI,  Mirantis IEEE NetSoft’21
15 May 2021 Demonstrating a Bayesian Online Learning forEnergy-Aware Resource Orchestration in vRANs. NEC INFOCOM’21
16 May 2021 Demo: AIML-as-a-Service for SLA management of a Digital Twin Virtual Network Service. CTTC, Polito, UC3M, Mirantis INFOCOM’21
17 May 2021 Scaling Federated Network Services: Managing SLAs in Multi-Provider Industry 4.0 Scenarios. CTTC INFOCOM’21
18 Mar. 2021 Demo: Vertical’s intent evolution at service runtime driving vCDN automated scaling. NXW OSM Ecosystem Day
19 Dec. 2020 “Autonomous Network Slice Management for 5G Vertical Services”. Joint with 5G-EVE, 5G-TOURS. NXW ETSI ENI PoC#9
20 Oct. 2020 “Demo: Scaling Composite NFV-Network Services”. CTTC ACM MobiHoc 2020
21 Jul. 2020 “vrAIn: AI-driven orchestration of vRAN resources”. NEC, UC3M Online Webinar Layer123/5Growth
22 Jul. 2020 “NFV Service Federation: enabling Multi-Provider eHealth Emergency Services”. CTTC, UC3M, Mirantis, NXW, NEC, TEI, SSSA INFOCOM’20
23 Jul. 2020 “Arbitrating Network Services in 5GNetworks for Automotive Vertical Industry.” CTTC, Polito, NXW, SSSA INFOCOM’20
24 Jun. 2020 “vrAIn: AI-driven orchestration of vRAN resources”. NEC, UC3M 5G End-to-end experimentation by verticals in EU projects Workshop
25 May 2020 “A Deep Learning Approach for vRAN Resource Orchestration”. NEC 5GPPP TB eWorkshop (Session on Use of AI & ML in networks – Part 1)
26 Mar. 2020 “Remote Control of a Robot Rover Combining 5G, AI, and GPU Image Processing at the Edge”. SSSA, TIM OFC 2020
27 Oct. 2019 “Demo: vrAIn Proof-of-Concept — A Deep Learning Approach for Virtualized RAN Resource Control”. NEC ACM Mobicom 2019


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