Event Organization

 # Date Event Partner
1 Mar. 2022 Virtual Aveiro Harbour workshop: Portuguese 5G vertical solutions (EFACEC_S/EFACEC_E + Altice and ITAV) EFACEC_S, EFACEC_E, ITAV
2 Dec. 2021 Ericsson-TIM internal Workshop (TEI, TIM internal event) TEI, TIM
3 Dec. 2021 Product roadmap opportunities with 5Growth solutions (TEI, TIM internal event) TEI, TIM
4 Dec. 2021 Ericsson Research Day (TEI internal event) TEI
5 Apr. -Nov. 2021 “Presentation of 5Growth COMAU results to internal project” (TEI internal event) TEI
6 Sep. 2021 (Bi-weekly) “Boosting the industrialization of slicing services to Enterprise 5G customer segments” (Ericsson Spain and Telefonica internal) ERC, TID
7 Jul. 2021 (weekly) “Weekly recurrent I4.0 5G Business Steering meeting at Ericsson ERC” (Ericsson Spain Internal) ERC
8 Nov. 2021 “Empowering the future” (Efacec internal exploitation event) EFACEC
9 Oct. 2021 “Experiences from field trial about vertical industry” (Joint organization of 5Growth/5G-DIVE exploitation workshop) CTTC
10 Oct. 2021 Co-organization of 1st Joint International workshop on Network Programmability & Automation (NetPA 2021), co-located with IEEE CNSM 2021 NEC
11 Jun. 2021 WS6: 5G Private Networks (co-located with EUCNC21) NEC, INNO, POLITO
12 Jun. 2021 WS8: From 5G to 6G Automated and Intelligent SecuriTy: FAST (co-located with EUCNC21) TID
13 Mar. 2021 Outside-insight program: Factories of the Future (Ericsson internal exploitation event) ERICSSON, INNO, CTTC, ERC
14 Jan. 2021 “5Growth and 5G-DIVE Research Projects: diferentes acercamientos para el Edge” (Webinar). UC3M
15 Nov. 2020 IEEE NFV-SDN 2020. UC3M
16 Nov. 2020 “Beyond 5G Evolution” (Webinar) 5GROWTH Consortium
17 Nov. 2020 Mobislice 2020. Co-located with IEEE NFVSDN 2020. IT
18 Sep. 2020 5G from Theory to Practice (5GToP) Workshop. Co-located with IEEE 5G World Forum 2020, Bangalore India. SSSA
19 Jul. 2020 “Powering 5G in Industry”. Periodical Webinar with Layer123 5GROWTH Consortium
20 Jun. 2020 “5G end-to-end experimentation by verticals in EU projects”. Joint half-day online workshop 5Growth, 5G-DIVE, 5G-EVE, 5G-VINNI, and 5G-TOURS. UC3M


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