Journals and Magazines

 # Date Title, Authors Journal/Magazine
7 May 2020 “Federation of 5G services using Distributed Ledger Technologies”. K.Antevski, C.J.Bernardos. Wiley Internet Techonology Letters
6 Apr. 2020 “On the integration of NFV and MEC technologies: architecture analysis and benefits for edge robotics”. K. Antevski, C.J. Bernardos, L. Cominardi, A. Oliva, A. Mourad. Elsevier Computer Networks
5 Mar. 2020 “An Edge-based Framework for Enhanced Road Safety of Connected Cars”. M. Malinverno, Josep Mangues, Claudio Casetti, C.F. Chiasserini, Manuel Requena, Jorge Baranda. IEEE Access
4 Jan. 2020 “Is OpenCL Driven Reconfigurable Hardware Suitable for Virtualising 5G Infrastructure?” F. Civerchia, M. Pelcat, L. Maggiani, K. Kondepu, P. Castoldi, and L. Valcarenghi. IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management
3 Dec. 2019 “DeepCog: Optimizing Resource Provisioning in Network Slicing with AI-based Capacity Forecasting”. Dario Bega, Marco Gramaglia, Marco Fiore, Albert Banchs and Xavier Costa-Perez. IEEE JSAC
 2 Oct. 2019 “Reducing Service Deployment Cost Through VNF Sharing”. Francesco Malandrino, Carla Fabiana Chiasserini, Gil Einziger, Gabriel Scalosub IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking
1 Jun. 2019 “Service Shifting: a Paradigm for Service Resilience in 5G”. Francesco Malandrino, Carla-Fabiana Chiasserini, Giada Landi IEEE Communications Magazine