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5GROWTH is a 5G PPP Phase 3 project started in June 2019, which deals with the technical and business validation of 5G technologies from the verticals’ points of view, following a field-trial-based approach on vertical sites (TRL 6-7).

Its vision is to empower verticals industries, such as Industry 4.0, Transportation, and Energy with an AI-driven Automated and Sharable 5G End-to-End Solution that will allow these industries to simultaneously achieve their respective key performance targets.

Towards this vision, 5Growth will automate the process for supporting diverse industry verticals through: 

  1. A vertical portal in charge of interfacing verticals with the 5G End-to-End platforms, receiving their service requests and building the respective network slices on top
  2. Closed-loop automation and Service Level Agreement (SLA) control for vertical services lifecycle management
  3. AI/ML-driven end-to-end network solutions to jointly optimize Access, Transport, Core and Cloud, Edge and Fog resources, across multiple technologies and domains.

As a result of the ongoing activities, all the code of the 5GROWTH stack is also published as open source and is available in the project Github repository:

They are divided in different blocks:File:Octicons-mark-github.svg - Wikimedia Commons

For such purposes 5GROWTH project bases on the evolution of the 5G-TRANSFORMER platform and the interrelation with 5G-EVE and 5G-VINNI platforms. These repositories, concerning the 5GROWTH platform, can also be found in the project’s GitHub:


Other Contributions

e.DO People Learn Robotics | e.DOE.DO

E.DO is a manipulator created by COMAU S.p.A.. The robot is composed by six joints, the first three for the arm and the lasts for the wrist. Externally, e.DO can be enhanced with user-developed accessories and configurations. Internally, e.DO is ROS-native, open-source control logic gives users complete freedom to create and execute their own programs and applications. To support open source community around the e.DO platform, Comau has created following web resources for the platform: a) Forum b) Android app c) Source code and binaries d) Documents and Datasheets

Contribution to networkx graph library

Politecnico di Torino and Universidad Carlos III of Madrid “Okpi” paper (available here) needed to use multigraphs, and the authors enhanced the behaviour of a function retrieving simple paths.
The pull request has been recently merged into networkx master branch:

Open Network Operating System (ONOS) SDN Controller for SDN/NFV Solutions

Luca Valcarenghi. Contribution to ONOS Repository (July 2020)

  • Rest Interface for VPLS application (available here). This extension implements a REST APIs interface for the VPLS app (the one creating the notion of slices in ONOS) that is used for receiving the commands coming from the southbound interface MTP.
  • Improvement of rest Interface for VPLS application (available here). This extension implements a REST APIs interface for the VPLS app (the one creating the notion of slices in ONOS) that is used for receiving the commands coming from the southbound interface MTP.

Contribution to OpenStack Victoria Release

Link here.

Contribution to Docker Repository

Link here.


OSMPart of the OSM Community

OSM is one of the MANO platform integrated inside the 5Growth Service Orchestrator to handle the orchestration and lifecycle management of network services in realistic 5G scenarios  associated to the innovative use cases proposed by the verticals partners in the previously mentioned fields.

João Fonseca. Contribution to OSM Repository (Nov. 2020)

Fixing dependencies in Common, NBI and devops gits of OSM project:

UPDATE: On the 2nd December, Daniel reported that João Fonseca, the author of the previous contribution was awarded for its contribution to OSM:

João Fonseca. Contribution to OSM Repository (March 2020)

Fixing some dependencies and updating versions

João Fonseca. Contribution to OSM Repository (September 2021)

From the previous ones, the work for fixing Bugs 1275 and 1429 were not reported:

UPDATE: Contributions from João Fonseca:

Oleksii (Mirantis). Contribution to k0s project (February 2022)

Multiple contributions to targeting telco edge cloud.

In the scope of the 5GROWTH project, all components of the platform were containerized and prepared for the hosting on top of Kubernetes infrastructure which allows minimizing the footprint for the control plane of the platform compared to OpenStack and to operate with HW resources more efficiently due to the lightness of the containers comparing to VMs. In this direction, Mirantis proposed to use some light distributive of the K8s and propose as a solution a k0s ( – she simple, solid & certified Kubernetes distribution, developed and maintained by Mirantis and fully open-sourced ( Mirantis did a lot of contributions to the K0s in order to make them suitable for telco edge solutions taking a look at 5GROWTH use-cases.

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