Altice Labs

Altice Labs (ALB), formerly named Portugal Telecom Inovação (PTIN), is the R&D branch for all Altice Group operations (a multinational company which acquired Portugal Telecom in mid 2015).
ALB is focused on the development of innovative products and services, as well as on the integration of systems in the Telco and IT markets.
ALB’s mission is to provide transformation and technological innovation to its customers, allowing them to create advanced service offers. ALB pursues innovation at the services, technologies and operations level, by developing skills in the Telco and ICT markets. The company promotes cooperation with Universities and R&D institutes worldwide, positioning itself as a true knowledge provider, both in the market and in the industry in general.
Altice Labs has a valuable heritage enriched over 65 years anticipating the future of telecommunications, sustained on the creativity passed down from generation to generation of employees, transforming knowledge into value for society. ALB has headquarters in Aveiro, Portugal, and counts with around 650 workers, mostly specialists, researchers and developers and has customers worldwide in 4 continents.

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