Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC) , located in Castelldefels (Barcelona), is a private non-profit R&D center with substantial funding support from the autonomous government of Catalonia along with research and development partnership with industry. Research expertise is mainly focused on technologies related to network infrastructure and services and, recently, geomatics, being that activity organized into four main divisions, namely Communication Networks (CND), Communication Systems (CSD), Communication Technologies (CTD) and Geomatics (GD), each of them featuring key staff with both R&D and engineering skills. The main activities at CTTC consist of long-term research and development projects related to the above research areas.

The team of the CTTC involved in 5Growth has broad experience in research programs due to its participation in several Spanish and European public-funded R&D projects, closely collaborating with leading research institutions in Europe or USA. Additionally, CTTC participated in some industrial contracts with several relevant companies (e.g., Orange, Aviat Networks, Cisco, InterDigital). The team involved in 5Growth has produced several publications in peer-reviewed journals and international conferences as a result of its studies on the design and performance evaluation of networking technologies (wired/wireless), whose research usually includes evaluations in cutting-edge laboratory infrastructure/equipment by means of the EXTREME Testbed®.

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