Asociación de Empresas Tecnológicas Innovalia (INNOVALIA) is an independent private Associated Research Lab, recognized as a R&D technology center by the National Register of Technology Centre based on their R&D services to companies. Innovalia, with more than 25 years of experience in technology-based product and service innovation with SMEs, assists SMEs in the development of ICT-based solutions in the areas of information security, software quality, M2M and mobile multimedia information services. Innovalia products and services address major telecom operators, broadcasters, transport infrastructure operators and manufacturing industries. Innovalia has an international presence, with premises in Spain – Basque Country, Madrid, Catalonia, Canary Island; Europe; Asia, Central and South America. Innovalia Association is a Technology Agent of the Basque Country Innovation Network (Innobasque) and assembles skills, laboratories and resources from its four foundational companies. The Innovalia Association is organised into three different Units: Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) Unit, Nanotechnology and Advanced Metrological Unit, Manufacturing and Knowledge Management Unit.

Innovalia’s business activities broadly span the whole European market, the supply of RTD services, the networking of private and public companies with heavy emphasis on SMEs, SME collaboration activities and SME training. Innovalia enjoys a very high level of collaboration with large numbers of companies throughout Spain and the European continent. Among others, the activity sectors where the Innovalia Association focuses its activity include: Aeronautics and Space, Automotive, Electronics & Communications, SME Management, Industrial, Tourism and Entertainment, Metal-mechanics.

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