InterDigital Germany GMBH (IDG). InterDigital Communications was founded in 1972 with the goal of contributing to wireless technology development. The Company has been a leading contributor to the development of 5G/4G/3G/2G/1G wireless systems, and accordingly has established licenses and partnerships with many of the world’s leading wireless companies. Today, InterDigital is a top wireless and video R&D contributor with offices in Europe (Germany, France, Belgium, the UK), the USA, Canada, China and South Korea. InterDigital Europe, which was launched in 2013, is working with companies, cities, universities and other entities to foster discussion, break barriers, execute research and help set the stage for European leadership in new technologies, in particular for 5G and beyond. InterDigital Europe is now actively involved in several EU H2020 collaborative research and innovation projects, such as 5GPPP 5G-Transformer, EU-Taiwan 5G-Coral, 5G-PPP 5G-Crosshaul, B5G EPIC, B5G EMPOWER, FLAME, POINT, RIFE. InterDigital Europe is also an active member in two major European 5G test bed facilities namely 5TONIC in Madrid (Spain) and BIO in Bristol (UK).

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