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32Dec. 2020“5GROWTH – Industry 4.0 Low Latency services on a shared Transport Network”. Paola Iovanna (TEI)5GPPP TB eWorkshop (industry 4.0 session)
31Dec. 2020“5G EVE & 5GROWTH: Dealing with App validation, in practice”. Manuel Lorenzo (ERC), Aitor Zabala (Telcaria)5GPPP TB eWorkshop (Testing: Methodologies and Setup session)
30Dec. 2020“On the Operation of Non-Public Networks (NPNs)”, José Ordoñez-Lucena (Telefónica)5GPPP TB eWorkshop (Integrating Public and Private Networks session)
29Dec. 2020“5GROWTH – E2E Solutions for experimenting 5G vertical services across multiple Platforms and Sites”. Xi Li (NEC), Giada Landi (Nextworks)5GPPP TB eWorkshop (Working on verticals session)
28Dec. 2020Keynote called “Scaling and Sharing Network Slices in 5G Networks and Beyond”. Carla-Fabiana Chiasserini (POLITO)SBRC 2020
27Dec. 2020“5Growth Architecture Design & Innovations”. Xi Li (NEC)5GPPP Architecture WG Meeting
 26Nov. 2020Talk called “5Growth Network Architectures for 5G and beyond”. Josep Mangues (CTTC)MDPI webinar called “Beyond 5G Webinar”
25Nov. 2020Keynote called “Serious science and serious engineering – The way of software-based network experimentation”. Diego López (TID)IEEE NFV-SDN’20
24Nov. 2020Keynote called “Network slicing in practice through service federation”. Josep Mangues (CTTC)MOBISLICE III workshop co-located with the IEEE NFV-SDN
23Oct. 2020Presentation called “Get Smart – The Challenges in Data-Driven Network Management”. Diego López (TID)Talk organized by IEEE ComSoc EMEA
22Oct. 2020Presentation called “Validating 5G in vertical industries: the 5Growth project”. Carlos J. Bernardos (UC3M)5G Workshop on “5G Experimentation Facilities and Vertical Trials: Current Status and Future Perspectives” organised by 5GENESIS/NCSR “DEMOKRITOS”
21Sep. 2020Presentation called “The Operator Point of View on Transport Network, Not just phone calls and messages where new telecommunication technologies (5G) are hiding?”. Luis M. Contreras (TID)Event organized (Panel) by 5G Solutions project in collaboration with the IEEE ComSoc EMEA region
20Sep. 2020Presentation called “5G-enhanced verticals: contributions of the 5GROWTH project into the railways and energy sectors”. Daniel Corujo (ITAV)CTIF Global Capsule “23rd Strategic Workshop”, theme “Sustainable Green Environments”
19Sep. 2020Presentation overviewing 5Growth project: “Validating 5G in vertical industries: the 5Growth project”. Carlos J. Bernardos (UC3M)5G From Theory to Practice (5GToP) Workshop, in conjunction with IEEE 5G World Fourm (10-12/09)
18Jun. 2020Intervention at Introductory Panel called: “Key challenges and requirements for 5G experiments with verticals” and at Concluding Panel called: “End to end 5G experimentation across multiple EU projects”. Xi Li (NEC)5G End-to-end Experimentation by Verticals in EU projects workshop
17May 20205Growth business validation. Andrea Di Giglio (TIM)5GPPP TB eWorkshop (Session on Business Model Validation)
16May 2020An exemplary view from an ICT-19 project: 5Growth – Link with 5G-EVE and 5G VINNI. Xi Li (NEC)5GPPP TB eWorkshop (Session on Collaboration among infrastructure and vertical validation trials projects)
15May 20205G-PPP TMV TF on vertical KPIs Industry 4.0. Luca Valcarenghi (SSSA)5GPPP TB eWorkshop (Session on Validation and KPIs)
14May 2020“Evolutionary trends in operators’ networks for beyond 5G”, workshop on “The role of computing in the post 5G-era: Architectures and enabling technologies” co-located with the 24th ONDM Int. Conference. Luis M. ContrerasONDM’20 (WS)
13May 2020“Towards a standardized transport slicing architecture in operator networks”, on the 5th IEEE International Workshop on Orchestration for Software Defined Infrastructures (O4SDI), co-located with the 2020 IEEE/IFIP NOMS. Luis M. ContrerasNOMS’20 (WS)
 12Apr. 2020First meeting del 5Growth External Vertical Industries Advisory Board (EVIAB). Carlos J. Bernardos (UC3M), Xi Li (NEC)5GROWTH YouTube channel
 11Apr. 2020Metadata-based Aggregation of Telemetry Flows. Sonia Fernández, Diego Lopez (TID)NMRG virtual meeting
 10Mar. 2020Presentation of 5Growth project under the Seminar “Research for beyond the Early 5G Network – EU and PT”. Daniel Corujo, Rui L Aguiar (ITAV)Jornadas Electrotécnicas 2020” (Held at Instituto Superior de Engenharia do Porto).
 9Jan. 2020Seminar called: “Reinforcement Learning for Slice Resource Allocation”. Danny De Vleeschauer (Nokia)Nokia Bell Labs (Paris-Saclay, France)
 8Jan. 2020Seminar called: “Reinforcement Learning for Slice Resource Allocation”. Chrysa Papagianni (Nokia)To Keith Ross – NYU Tandon School of Engineering
 7Nov. 2019“Slicing with non-public networks – an other orchestration challenges for the next decade”. Jose Antonio Ordoñez Lucena (TID)2nd Visions for Future Communications Summit
6Oct. 20195G-enabled Growth in Vertical Industries. Xi Li (NEC).5GPPP TB Workshop
5Sep. 20195G-EVE organized a session devoted to discuss collaboration with ICT-19 projects (i.e 5Growth).  Carlos J. Bernardos (UC3M).ICT-19 session by 5G-EVE
4Jul. 2019Presentation of 5Growth in EMPOWER-PAWR workshop: EUCNC. Carlos J. Bernardos (UC3M)IEEE EUCNC 2019
3Jun. 2019“Presentation of 5Growth in ICT-19 Session at EUCNC’19”. Carlos J. Bernardos (UC3M).IEEE EuCNC 2019
2May 2019“5G Service Automation”. Chrysa (Nokia)Dagstuhl Seminar 19222 “Control of Networked Cyber-Physical Systems” 
1May 2019Panelist at IEEE ICC 2019 Workshop: 5G-Trials – From 5G Experiments to Business Validation called Challenges in 5G Trials. Xi Li (NEC)IEEE ICC 2019

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