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The 5G Infrastructure Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Programme and its related funded projects are achieving outstanding progress and impact over the three consecutive phases (specification, development, experimentation/pilots), as regularly highlighted in the PPP Programme and projects websites and news.

The 5G PPP is proud to announce that the second edition of the 5G PPP Infrastructure -Trials and Pilots Brochure (N°2) is now available to provide an overview of the latest 5G PPP Trials & Pilots achievements.

The Phase 2 and Phase 3 projects have validated, trialed, and piloted 5G in many vertical sectors (e.g., Automotive, Industry, Media & Entertainment, Public Safety, Health, Energy, Smart Cities, Transport & Logistics, etc.). The first “5G Infrastructure PPP – Trials & Pilots Brochure” released in September 2019 highlighted 10 of the most impactful Phase 2 Trials & Pilots, selected by a PPP panel of experts and based on the assessment of the Trials & Pilots impact and potential ( The current Brochure n°2 leverages the experience from the first Brochure (including call for inputs and selection by a panel of experts) and brings to the readers’ attention 10 additional Phase 2 and Phase 3 Trials & Pilots that were recently completed. These Trials & Pilots have been evaluated and selected from over 20+ candidates, based on a number of pre-defined criteria (e.g., the impact of 5G networks, achieved KPI, Technology and Market Readiness Levels, societal impact, 5G empowerment, etc.). The selected Trials & Pilots are listed below according to the 5G Infrastructure PPP Phase they belong to and in alphabetical order:

  • 5G-PICTURE: 5G technologies in support of Railway Services.
  • 5G-PICTURE: Smart City Safety and Virtual Reality Demonstration.
  • 5G-TRANSFORMER: eHealth heart attack emergency.
  • MATILDA: Smart City intelligent lighting system.
  • METRO-HAUL: Network slicing for improving public safety.
  • NRG-5: Predictive Maintenance as a Service.
  • SliceNet: BlueEye telemedicine Pilot and COVID-19 experience.
  • 5G EVE: Experiential tourism through 360° video and VR over 5G.
  • 5G-VINNI: Remote robotic control with 360° VR-based telepresence.
  • 5GROWTH: Industry 4.0: Low-latency on a shared Network.

This Second Edition of the Brochure n°2 is intended to encourage readers to look for more information and details, visit the PPP and projects websites, watch the Trials & Pilots videos, read the related documents, and interact with PPP participants in meetings, workshops, and conferences. Given the vast amount of work being carried out by the portfolio of 5G Infrastructure PPP projects, this Trials & Pilots Brochure n°2 can be no more than a sample of recent progress. We sincerely hope that you will enjoy reading it as much as we did while putting it together.

As the 5G Infrastructure PPP has reached its most productive phase, many new achievements are expected in the coming months through the further development of the Phase 3 projects. A third edition of the Brochure is planned to be ready in June 2021.



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