Bachelor, Master and PhD Thesis

A number of students pursued or are currently pursuing their degrees in the framework of 5GROWTH. This page is divided into two sections, depending on the status: “Presented” and “In preparation”.


Type (PhD/Master)State (Ongoing /Finished)Title
MasterFinished (October 2020)AI-based algorithms and experimental evaluation for beyond 5G
MasterFinished (October 2020)A Machine-learning Approach for Video Streaming Provisioning at the Network Edge

In preparation:

Type (PhD/Master)StateĀ Title
PhDOngoing (expected completion November 2022)ML-driven edge network resource allocation
PhDOngoingAI/ML-enabled Sofware Defined Smart Networks on Distributed and Next generation Architectures
PhDOngoingSmart Networks and IoT
PhDOngoingArtifical Inteligence Driven Next Generation Networking
MasterOngoingA new SDN application providing Quality of Service (QoS) for network slicing
PhDOngoingOffloading of 5G functions in accelerated edge data centres
MasterOngoingMachine learning techniques for anomaly detection in vertical industries
MasterOngoingMachine learning techniques for anomaly detection and resource management in 5G networks
PhDOngoingAutomated resource management in 5G networks
MasterOngoing (expected completion April 2021)Performance evaluation andĀ  design of ML-based solutions for the support of mobile services in 5G systems
MasterOngoing (expected completion April 2021)Machine Learning for 5G/6G Mobile Networks
PhDOngoing (expected completion November 2023)Virtualized Mobile Services at the edge of the network
PhDOngoingDevelopment and Performance Evaluation of Network Function Virtualization Services in 5G Multi-Access Edge Computing infrastructure

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