Layer123 to host a 5Growth webinar series on 5G use in industry

Layer123 to host a 5Growth webinar series on 5G use in industry

Source: Layer123

Layer123 is pleased to announce a series of webinars highlighting the work of the 5Growth consortium, a project dedicated to empowering industries with an end-to-end 5G solution that is AI-driven, automated and shareable. We will be collaborating with the consortium to bring you exclusive news and updates from the 5G project – with insights on new deliverables as soon as they are released.

Coordinated by the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), and backed by over €14 million of EU funding, the 5Growth project will look to deliver a scalable, open and applicable 5G solution for vital industries like transportation, energy and ‘industry 4.0’. By providing freely accessible documentation, standards and guidelines, the project hopes to play a key role in allowing Europe’s industrial companies take maximum advantage of the 5G revolution and use it to transform their service delivery.

One important aspect of 5Growth is that the project is planned from the point of view of the end user – the industries in question. Be ensuring 5G technology is validated in the field, the project looks to automate the process of 5G implementation across the continent. Specific deliverables include a guaranteed service level agreement for different lifecycle phases of vertical services, creating a portal that integrates vertical services implementing the required network slices, implementation of an end-to-end 5G service platform, and influencing 5G standardisation across these industries.

Achievements announced in early June 2020 related to the project include the Initial design of 5G End-to-End Service Platform and the Service and Core KPI Specification – read more about them here.

The project is being backed by a strong list of partners both on the vendor and operator side, with Telefónica, TIM and Mirantis, NEC, Nokia Bell Labs, Ericsson, Altice Labs and many more involved in bringing the project and its deliverables to the wider networking market.

Launched in June 2019 as part of the 5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership, the project is scheduled to run until November 2021 – giving Europe’s industries the best possible change to ride the wave of improved industrial connectivity that 5G and edge computing brings. Keep an eye out on the Layer123 Insights hub for more news on webinars, results presentations, and more.

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